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Your Point Commissions are Worth More Than That.
I see this a lot. Talented digital artists will post point commission info on their profile or as a forum post, and I hardly ever see a price worth more than $2. No matter how complex the artwork they're offering.
I'm not even talking about the few super-crazy-talented digital artists with the ability to sit down with a tablet and Photoshop for 12 hours and create something that looks like it belongs in a museum.
I'm talking about deviants who posses the undervalued talent of drawing "pretty darn well". I'm talking about virtually every drawing-artist on dA that I've ever seen. Your people look like people. Your animals look like animals. You actually used decent shading. Your colors look nice together. You joined dA for a good reason!
Super popular? Very few people are. Way better than I could do? For sure! I focus on jewelry making. I can sketch and shade simple inanimate objects, and I have a pretty good eye for color theory. That's about it. If it moves or breathes, I'm hopeless at
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[Bad end] Doom Ropes
Had to give this game a little love! Cute+morbid is right up my alley. For those not in the know (which as far as I can tell is everyone in the world minus about 200 people sadly) the game is called Snowflake's Chance. It's sort of like rainworld in a way, except you're a bunny who's fallen into the deepest pits of hell and you have to platform your way out, and everything around you wants you dead, usually in pretty swift and brutal ways. I get some Spelunky crossed with early PC platformer game vibes from it, but the concept is great and it's a pretty fun, if hard, game. Overall, it's well executed, certainly deserving of finding its niche audience which, sadly, it hasn't yet. It's brutally hard at times, unforgiving for sure, but not really unfair. It's pretty cheap on Steam so definitely check it out if it sounds interesting. I hate to see a good game go completely unnoticed like this~

I tried to mimick the style; I think I'm not quite there but pretty close!
[comm][bad end] That Sinking Feeling
Done for an anonymous commissioner.

I had fun doing this one, poor Ori once again having a rough time. Hope that respawn's nearby... or this isn't the one-life mode~
Hollow Moska
Hollow Knight is an awesome game, with a charming style and lots of bugs. The good kind of bugs! I can't get over how great this game is and how awesome the characters are, and I thought since I've got a bug of my own I'd give him a little makeover in the game's style~
Theo Ref 2017
It's everyone's favorite giant thecacera pacifica, Theo!

As is the case with most sea slugs, Theo's a hermaphrodite, so pronouns are kind of a mixed bag of confusion. It's okay, though, since Theo's about as intelligent as a dog so she's not really going to notice if you use the wrong one.

Theo's species has adapted to living both in and out of water, and their physical properties make them very formidable predators. With their soft and squishy yet tough flesh, lack of bones and lack of most centralized organs, there's no easy way for other creatures to take them down. These huge sea slugs are slow, but they have a strong grip, plenty of limbs, and are quite happy to swallow their prey whole, alive and squirming. They're just as tough inside as they are on the outside, so for those who end up swallowed, escape is quite unlikely.

Theo here was found as a baby and raised as a pet by Bit. Though the species is dangerous and predatory, Theo is a lot more calm and relaxed, and gets along well with people. She loves to snuggle and give squishy hugs and licks, but do take care to keep her fed, because she has a habit of trying to eat whatever she's snuggling. Internal hugs are nice, too, I guess. It's a good thing Bit figured out early on how to get Theo to release what she's eaten, or the whole 'pet eating people alive' thing might not fly~
Digital art commission slots are empty currently so I'm taking on more~ - prices here


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Max Baily
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I am an artist, a game designer, and a card-carrying blackbelt in Wii-fu. I love fantasy and sci-fi, character design, and extended periods of time sitting in front of a screen.
I also love animals. Don't worry, though; humans happen to be a part of that group!


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heya, what's up?
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Uh, not much~
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Hey. How's it going? Thank you so much for the llama. I really do appreciate it. :) (Smile)

This completes my collection to 378!

Here's one back important part of life , and this as well. Added to my devWatch!

Have a great day! ^^
lordadrian1000 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2016
Hello there. Do you take request? If not, then that's understandable.
Bitcoon Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Not currently! I have a big workload right now~
lordadrian1000 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016
I understand. Thank you all the same.
AbsolStrapTheFurry Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
i see you have amoved accounts
is the Silver Chronicles still going on?
Bitcoon Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
It's been quite a while!

Jay is still working off and on on Linked Destiny, the current RPG project. Though he's more in swing on a Magic The Gathering style card game~
I've been working on my own games, mostly~
AbsolStrapTheFurry Featured By Owner Edited Mar 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
thats cool im working on some games... i have a queston to ask
im wondering if i could use some sprites for the project furry for my own game... i prommis i will give credit to you 
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